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Facilitate Life Changing Transformation That Inspires Your Clients To Tell The World About You.

I've got a question for you...

Are you ready to have quicker transformations & get better testimonials (& referrals!) from your clients?

It’s hard being a coach or a therapist, locked into one hour spots with a modality that takes a while to see results.

You know the results will come, but in our microwave society, you also know people are looking for (and expecting!) speed.

Once clients know without a doubt “this works”, they stay and put in the effort to create the life they really crave.  But the space in between the beginning and the knowing… that part can be painful for them and stressful for you.


And honestly, you're ready to feel inspired again too.

you're doing this work because you care about people and...

so what if...

There's a way to do both: deep transformation and speed

You know you’d show up differently on social media and in your communities if you felt better about your skills.

You want to have actionable ideas and knowledge for sharing on your platforms and with an audience.

You know you’d feel inspired about your clients again.

Gain new skills
& become the transformation expert you know you are meant to be.

You're probably wondering... where do i even start?

well then...

If your head is tired from nodding... please keep reading!

Imagine the reputation you will have when you’re able to consistently interrupt long held patterns and help people redefine their lives.

That’s how I found NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

After years of painful emotional suffering along with limited thinking and painful family relationships, I was done.  I had suffered the loss of my mother when I was in high school and everything  in my life seemed hard.

I had been to years of therapy, sat in mediation for years, read all the books and listened to every podcast on healing.  Nothing gave me the relief and shift in my thinking that I craved.

I finally was introduced to a coach who was an expert in NLP and we began our work together.

Within one hour he helped me rearrange my thinking and I experienced true freedom.  For the first time in 25 years, I was free!

I knew then that I had to learn everything I could about this powerful (and speedy) modality and share it with others so they could experience freedom too.

Emotional, mental and physical freedom is waiting and I can teach you to be the one to deliver that freedom.

There is another way to do things

we can break free from where we are and experience our work in a new way

Break free if you are currently caught in the insurance model and exhausted

Create a new way to attract clients (and get referred from previous ones!)

Charge what your worth with new tools and modalities

what could happen in your business?

Change can be swift.

As in "first hour of working with a client" swift

We’ve been sold a lie.

The lie that change takes a long time and that we need to rehash all the hardships of our lives in order to come to terms with it and move on to something new.

But that’s just not true.

In fact thinking that way can stop you from making the impact that you want because these days clients demand more.

They demand transformation and they want evidence of it quickly.

And we all know, it's no fun to be in a place where we feel we could do more.

Look, you’ve probably had clients where you were able to see the stuck pattern but couldn’t identify the quickest route to help them release it.

You may have noticed things like:

  • Negative emotions

  • Limited beliefs

  • Inability to make a decision

  • Lack of motivation toward goals and more…

What you learn in The Alchemy Institute is that quickest route.

kira-auf-der-heide-HU1pjVyVdXI-unsplash (1)

We teach you the path so you can guide your clients to freedom.

Here's what you get

This is unlike ANY other program out there. Here's why...

  • We’ll help you develop the skills necessary to become a confident and successful subconscious change expert.
  • We’ll give YOU one on one coaching so your mindset is fortified and you are mentally strong enough to handle any adversity. 
  • You get to experience the tools you’re learning from a personal perspective so you transform personally as you build professionally.
  • We’ll introduce you to a whole NEW WORLD, where you call the shots in your professional life and build things in a way that feels aligned and profitable.

the bottom line:

we're the only coach training program that focuses on building the mindset of students who want to build their business so they withstand any economy.

be different.

join us inside......

The only life coach training program that focuses on building the mindset of the students so they can build or expand their business to withstand any economy.

the testimonials are a glimpse into your future

I will show you how to get results like ...

I can’t explain to you what Betsy does, but I can wholeheartedly tell you that it’s the best kind of magic.

I can’t begin to describe what has happened in my life in the few short weeks we’ve been working together, but it has been utterly amazing. There have been dramatic shifts in my business, finances, family life, and of course, within me. I have been stuck in some of my problematic areas for years, and in the last two weeks I’ve been able to experience freedom and hope as those issues have crumbled and drifted away.

In 2 months of working with Betsy, I was able to bust through blocks, heal stories and wounds, create more momentum and action than I had in years, and KNOW in my soul where I am headed.”

Ready to add PNLP, CHt after your name?

let's dig into the details

These are the certifications you get...

First Certification

Hypnosis Practitioner

You’ll learn the history of hypnotherapy, why it’s so powerful, and the specific techniques to use hypnosis to help people in a clinical setting.

As a hypnotherapist, you’ll be able to help people shift limiting beliefs, lose weight, stop smoking, and more.

You’ll learn the history of hypnotherapy, why it’s so powerful, and the specific techniques to use hypnosis to help people in a clinical setting.

As a board certified hypnotherapist, you’ll be able to help people shift limiting beliefs, lose weight, stop smoking, and more. 

Part One:

  • Learn all about what hypnotherapy is… and isn’t!
  • Understand the subconscious and why work on this level makes a greater impact.

Part Two:

    • Learn the steps to follow for a productive hypnotherapy session.
    • Learn the concerns of smokers and how to create non-smokers.
    • Learn how to lead people into hypnosis and how to make their time there super powerful.
    • Learn how to bring clients even deeper for quicker transformation.
    • Learn about Pain Control.

Part Three:

      • Learn a new model of communication.
      • Discuss self-hypnosis
      • Learn how to use these tools to build a booming hypnotherapy practice.

Second Certification

Success & Life Coach

Get an understanding of how to coach a client through this simple seven-step method.

These basic principles lay the foundation for successful transformations and enable you the structure to begin your coaching practice immediately with confidence and success.


  • How to move a client through a subconscious goal setting process.
  • The structure of moving a client into a state of awareness with great questions.
  • How to set up an accountability process that works.

third certification

Deep Streaming Facilitation (DSF)

Techniques are necessary when embarking on a coaching journey yet the one thing most coaches skip over is the deep understanding of the energetic messages being sent between client and their deep inner knower.

When you, as a coach, can teach your client to intercept these messages you bypass the unnecessary and bring your clients to freedom faster.

  • In this three part class, we teach you how to: Establish a personal deep streaming practice.
  • How to use your body to access your brain.
  • How to facilitate this process with your clients so they have access to more clarity and confidence.

Fourth certification

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Become an NLP practioner and learn all the NLP Level tools that go along with it. Learning NLP puts you in a position to not only help others but to uplevel yourself as well.

You’ll learn about the conscious and the unconscious mind and become an expert in helping people shift from the inside out.

Inside this class you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the  foundational elements of NLP so you can be empowered and at cause for your life (and teach your clients to do the same!)
  • Understand the connections between your language and your actions.
  • Learn new ways to communicate with others so your message is understood on a deep level.
  • Understand conversational hypnosis and why your choice of words matter.
  • How to structure an NLP coaching session.
  • How to shift beliefs and transform reality.
  • Learn a unique way to shift emotions with the press of a button!
  • Learn a technique to help clients make decisions and become “unstuck”.
  • …and so much more!


fifth certification

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT (sometimes referred to as “Tapping”) is designed to balance the energy system, calm the nervous system and remove negative emotions from becoming lodged in the body.

EFT is based on the science of acupuncture and acupressure and is a tool you can use in sessions with a client and teach the client to use it on their own.

sixth Certification

T.I.M.E. Techniques Practitioner

TIME Techniques (Time Integrations for Maximum Empowerment) is used to instantly eliminate all negative emotions, release limiting beliefs, undo past decisions, let go of fears and delete the emotions of guilt and anxiety.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to release negative emotion quickly so clients are left with wisdom of the past and not the burden.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs in minutes.
  • Know how to impact your future (and your clients future) with a process that creates goals that create themselves.

Get certified in 6 months plus

Obtain Personal Alchemy


One on One Coaching

When you join, you’ll be matched with a one on one with a Master NLP Practitioner that will guide you through personal blocks that stand in the way of you excelling in your business. Meet with your coach bi-weekly for 6-months as you simultaneously work through the training material.


Value = $9997


Group Q & A calls

Technique sessions are built in monthly so you can ask questions (from people who have been using these techniques with clients!) and learn more from trainers in real time.


Value = $2997


Monthly Hypnosis

Each month during your 6-month process, join us in a group hypnotherapy session where you experience the modality you are learning and expand confidence, choice, become expert decision maker and more.


Value = $2997


Goal Setting Session

On the last Thursday of each month, join us as we go through a goal setting session where you set up your experience for the following month. Where will you expand professionally? What do you need to shift personally?  Set up your success in these fun, community events.


Value = $2997

Value of Personal Alchemy $19k

ready to get started?

Doors open again in March

What People Are Saying

The workshop with Betsy had an immense transformational power on me and it was a gamechanger for my professional and personal development. I had the dream to shoot for NatGeo since I was little and the exercises we did with Betsy helped unlock the mindset and path to achieve that dream. And sooner than expected! I had the vision to make it happen in September, it's June and I'm already published!"
Giullia Verdinelli
I just wanted to pop in and say if you ever have a chance to do any of the live events! Do it!! Made everything so solid in my brain! Transformed ME! And made great friends. If you are recovering from the live event and have some withdrawals 😁- I suggest the hypnosis’s (what a strange plural) at the end of platform to profit ❤️ ❤️ Can’t wait to start Master Prac!
April Danielle Koebcke
Subconscious Shifter - Success Coach
I'm loving this coaching program. The Alchemy Institute is a well laid out program for anyone seeking to become a Hypnotherapist and/or NLP Practitioner or Master NLP Practitioner. I’ve taken many coaching programs but never completed them due to the lack of support or clarity. Betsy designed the program with an easy-to-follow format to assist you with staying on track along with a milestone checklist. There is plenty of pre-study work to better assist you with the upcoming learning materials. Betsy is a true expert coach and is always available to answer your questions promptly via a live post, Facebook post or email. I jumped right in with no prior experience in this field. As you move through the program you can feel the shift towards discovering a new mindset. There’s no better experience like this that can further your commitment to help others feel that exact same shift.
Tamara Wetegrove
It has been such a delight to dive into The Alchemy Institute's Hypnotherapy Certification Training! With a background as a Past Life Regressionist, I am familiar with working with individuals while they are in trance. That said, this course has taught me many additional tools that will enrich the benefit for my clients, as well as my confidence in the quality of my work. The information in this course was presented in such a thorough and approachable manner - without simplifying or "dumbing down" anything. It offers a tremendous value, and I highly recommend it to others interested in learning more about human behavior, regardless of their interest in pursuing a Hypnotherapy practice. I am so grateful to Betsy for creating this course! It rocks!!"
Inge-Lise Gray
I have completed a handful of certifications from highly respected organizations, but when it came to using what I learned I could get my clients to a certain point and then I'll struggle to move them forward. I didn't know how to help clients make the shifts that were in the way of success. The Alchemy Practitioner Certification is teaching me how to help clients make those shifts. Betsy has created a fun, easy to navigate, and straight forward program that is rich in content and practical materials. Betsy presents the material in a way that is fun and enjoyable, and easy to understand. She teaches the lessons with real life stories and examples that are relatable and relevant, and comprehensible by all learning styles. I love being able to work at my own pace, but also being gently guided along with bi-weekly check-in meetings and the Facebook group. I appreciate that I can review the material as much as needed, and that any question I have is answered quickly by Betsy's support team or fellow students. I highly recommend the Alchemy Practitioner Certifications to anyone interested in taking their coaching to the next level.The information in this course was presented in such a thorough and approachable manner - without simplifying or "dumbing down" anything. It offers a tremendous value, and I highly recommend it to others interested in learning more about human behavior, regardless of their interest in pursuing a Hypnotherapy practice. I am so grateful to Betsy for creating this course! It rocks!!"
Brenda Steger
I will also echo Michelle and April’s posts about the INCREDIBLE NLP live training with Betsy! It was full on- we got through so much material that sometimes we were spinning a bit- but Betsy kept it real, practical and genuine! She is a masterful teacher and so authentic which made us all feel so honored to learn from her. I had been stumbling through the material on my own for way too long, yet going through it in person was like implanting it directly into my subconscious- ha! I am only back from Sedona a few days, and have noticed SO many things all at once and feel radical shifts in my inner voice- thank you to the group that shared personal and profound experiences, and trusted me to practice my new learnings- and of course, thank you to Betsy for guiding us all so very graciously! Forever grateful.
Erin Porter
Neuroeducator, Layered Lifelong Learning
Greetings fellow NLPers! I am a bit late introducing myself but wanted to share my recent experience with In Person NLP Practitioner course. My name is Michele Davidson and I live in Virginia. I am a psychiatric mental health NP who does medication management and therapy. I was able to put the course material into practice immediately and found so much value in it. I am back this week and already have scheduled 6 patients for NLP sessions. Betsy is an extraordinary educator and teacher. She makes learning fun and allows you to connect the application piece through tons of practice sessions. The group in Sedona bonded and flourished. I am so glad I was part of it. If anyone has any questions about attending a live training, please reach out. Also, if you have clients with mental health issues you'd like to refer, feel free to do so.
Michele Davidson
Mental Health Provider
The biggest thing I can say is… I trust Betsy! I trust her knowledge base, I trust the process she went through to embrace the material, and I trust that she wants us to succeed and is there to support us. You can probably get this content out there from many different places but you can only get Betsy at the Alchemy Institute. Another supportive and important part of the institute is the community. There are others there to help you answer questions, to support you, and to inspire you! I even meet with 2 other students on a weekly basis to debrief what we learned that week, to practice using the tools, and to work through questions together.
April Koebcke
What I didn't expect was how life changing going through this course would be. I was in it to get the certifications and to bolster my skill sets. What I'm walking away with is so much more.
Wendy Wright
I was nervous to start the NLP portion. After the pre study, I was a tad intimidated with some of the material. I’ll admit, it seemed like a lot at the time but in hindsight, it made the course material so much easier. I honestly felt like you had programmed my subconscious with your audios making the course so effortless to digest.
Sarah Lutz
Betsy’s down-to-earth, approachable way of teaching makes it so easy to learn complex principles! Her course content is meticulously laid out and thoughtfully planned so each lesson builds on the previous one. She provides multiple ways to get your questions answered in a short time and her group coaching zoom calls are a gold mine of information! If you are still deciding on whether to invest in yourself by taking this course, just DO IT!!! You will NOT regret it!
Cami Baker Miller

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MEET YOUR trainer

Betsy Pake.

Betsy Pake MNLP, MTT, MHt,  is the main instructor inside this certification program.

Betsy is a professional hypnotherapist, coach, and trainer of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) TIME Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Coaching.  She’s had specialized training in Emotion Code and is a certified Infinite Possibilities coach.


Betsy is a best-selling author and a speaker with clients all over the world. She has helped thousands of people make substantial changes in their lives. Her podcast The Art of Living Big has over 350,000 downloads with listeners in countries from the US to Singapore and everywhere in between.


The tools she teaches you inside this certification are the tools that made a sweeping difference not only in her client’s lives but in her own life as well.


Good, because there's something I want you to know!

We are excited about your research in The Alchemy Practioner Certification! When you join, you not only get lifetime access to all the on-demand video training and manuals, you also get access to a thriving community of people who are working to expand their edges and create something new for their lives.


You will get early bird access to any masterminds and extended trainings and the ability to join one of the best boards in the world.

It’s a no brainer.

I’m so glad you’re here checking it out and if you have questions please feel free to shoot us an email. We are here to support your journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All classwork is recorded and available on demand so you can obtain all six certifications while safe at home. 

All personal alchemy calls are a virtual-live experience using Zoom.

You can go at your own pace but we encourage you to finish within the 6 months you are working with your personal alchemist.

You will have lifetime access to the training material.
You have 18 months to move through the material and finish the evaluations to be certified. After 18 mo. there will be a nominal fee of $250 to take your evaluations.

All the training is on-demand and available for you to view any time you want. 

Yes! All hours are required and are monitored by the coaches. The great news is, since it’s online, you can do it anytime that fits your schedule. 

All the content is available as soon as you purchase and this is an academic course, and similar to a college semester, you commit to the class when you sign up. For this reason no refunds are possible AND we want you to enjoy the course, so if there is an issue, we want to fix it. We would recommend you reach out to us so we can help. With that said, be 100% sure you want to continue before you sign up.

The truth is, you’re here because you know there is something in your coaching mix that’s missing.

We have had lots of different kinds of training in our development as coaches, but nothing has been as impactful and life-changing for our clients as the things we teach in this course. You could ONLY have these certificates and build a thriving and thrilling coaching practice! Or you could add these to what you already know and use.

Yes, there will be an evaluation for each certification and we hold those evaluation times live each month to make it easy and stress free!

Yes! All the training is online and you’ll get your manuals via mail after you sign up and go through the orientation process and submit your mailing address.

None will be required for your certification. You can still learn new things to add to your coaching arsenal but none will be required.  Depending on what boards you decide to join, the board may require continuing education to remain a member.

* Creating Achievable Outcomes: Set goals
* Sensory Acuity: Detect client’s state
* Rapport: Create receptivity
* Eye Patterns: Detect Primary Rep System
* Overlapping Rep Systems: Help them access an under-represented system
* Language Predicates: Communicate with clarity
* Mapping Across: Change the feeling of one thought to that of another
* Single Belief Change Using Submodalities: Change a limiting belief to an empowering belief
* Swish Pattern: Eliminate a minor state or habit caused by a visual stimulus
* Masterful Language Patterns: Clear communication
* Presuppositions: Embed suggestions subconsciously, challenge limiting thinking
* Chunking: Control the conversation, come up with metaphors
* Conversational Hypnosis Patterns: to hypnotize people
* Creating Metaphors: Make suggestions without conscious awareness
* The Meta Model: Questions to solve problems, clear communication
* Resource anchor: Allow a client to feel a state anytime they want
* Collapse Anchors: Eliminate a negative state
* Chaining Anchors: Eliminate negative states that are polar opposite or “stuck” states with no movement
* New Orleans Flexibility Drill: Collapse an anchor during a live exercise
* NLP Change Personal History: Change the feeling about a past event
* The Ring of Power Script: Creates an internal resource anchor
* Strategies: Discover and communicate in the way the client thinks
* Spelling Strategies: Become a better speller
* Reframing: Change the meaning behind a behavior or situation
* Six-Step Reframe: Change a negative behavior to a positive one
* Parts Integration: Eliminate conflict
* EFT: Eliminate energy blockages
* TIME Techniques – Release negative emotions: Release Negative emotions around an event from the past
* TIME Techniques – Anxiety: Release anxiety about a future event
* TIME Techniques – Limiting Decisions: Release limiting decisions, beliefs, physical issues
* Timeline Adjustment: Switch from dissociated to associated, vise versa
* TIME Techniques – Putting a Goal Into Your Future: Goal setting, future pacing
* TIME Techniques – V/K Dissociation: Phobia
* Clinical Hypnotherapy: For giving suggestions to the subconscious mind and future pacing
* General Pendulum Paradigm: For having a conversation with the subconscious mind
* Deepening Techniques: For making trance deeper
* Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: For getting a client to carry out a behavior at a later time

US Treasury regulation 1.1625 permits an income tax deduction for educational expenses including registration fees, tuition, travel, meals, and lodging for courses taken to improve or maintain skills required in employment or business. 

Always consult with your tax professional.

No questions, I'm ready for this!

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You are so ready for this journey.

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  2. Get assigned your personal alchemist to guide you through your next 6 months.
  3. Attend our live Q & A events with a trainer to get clarity while experiencing the shifts with your personal coach.
  4. Start offering coaching (and making income!) by sharing your gifts as you obtain each certification along the way.

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