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Optional In-Person Coach Training

Hosted at a beautiful Airbnb in Sedona, Arizona, this is a wonderful opportunity to round out your certification in person.


Coach in-person is optional. If you would prefer our Coach on-demand option, you can select that during enrollment.


May 7-13, 2022
Sedona, AZ

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Coach In-Person
Frequently Asked Questions

This event will be in Sedona from Saturday May 7 through Friday May 13th.

We will start on the 7th at 10am checkin. Getting started on the class by 10:30.

We will finish on the 13th at 8pm.  You must attend all the hours in order to be certified so please plan to leave to head home in the late evening or the next day.

Training times are as follows:

May 7: 10-8  We will serve lunch on the first day.

May 8-13: 1pm-8pm Please eat lunch before you arrive but feel free to bring snacks as we will have regular breaks.

The event will be held at an Air Bnb in Sedona. You will get the address after you are enrolled.
Transportation and lodging is on your own, and many students choose to share an accommodation nearby together.

We will have a photographer there for a few days to take photos and there will be an opportunity for you to have your headshot taken in the beautiful desert, so be planning an outfit for those shots!

Otherwise, it is very casual, wear whatever makes you most at ease learning and transforming.

This is a live class but you will be required to complete prework, Hypnotherapy and success coaching before class starts. You can submit your exams at the live NLP class in Sedona.

All prework will be available immediately.

You will be required to be there for 100% of the days training in order to get your certification, so plan your travel accordingly.

The truth is, you’re here because you know there is something in your coaching mix that’s missing.

We have had lots of different kinds of training in our development as coaches, but nothing has been as impactful and life-changing for our clients as the things we teach in this course. You could ONLY have these certificates and build a thriving and thrilling coaching practice! Or you could add these to what you already know and use.

Yes, we’ll have a space to search for all Alchemy Practitioners online as well as an opportunity to refer you clients as the need arrises.

Yes and you will get your manual in the mail before class.

We hold a live technique class on the first Friday of the month at 1pm EST. You can see the replay inside The Facebook Group.

None will be required of us yet different boards you sign up for may require continuing education.

Depending on when you sign up before the live event, you will need to complete approximately 35 hours of content before class.

* Creating Achievable Outcomes: Set goals
* Sensory Acuity: Detect client’s state
* Rapport: Create receptivity
* Eye Patterns: Detect Primary Rep System
* Overlapping Rep Systems: Help them access an under-represented system
* Language Predicates: Communicate with clarity
* Mapping Across: Change the feeling of one thought to that of another
* Single Belief Change Using Submodalities: Change a limiting belief to an empowering belief
* Swish Pattern: Eliminate a minor state or habit caused by a visual stimulus
* Masterful Language Patterns: Clear communication
* Presuppositions: Embed suggestions subconsciously, challenge limiting thinking
* Chunking: Control the conversation, come up with metaphors
* Conversational Hypnosis Patterns: to hypnotize people
* Creating Metaphors: Make suggestions without conscious awareness
* The Meta Model: Questions to solve problems, clear communication
* Resource anchor: Allow a client to feel a state anytime they want
* Collapse Anchors: Eliminate a negative state
* Chaining Anchors: Eliminate negative states that are polar opposite or “stuck” states with no movement
* New Orleans Flexibility Drill: Collapse an anchor during a live exercise
* NLP Change Personal History: Change the feeling about a past event
* The Ring of Power Script: Creates an internal resource anchor
* Strategies: Discover and communicate in the way the client thinks
* Spelling Strategies: Become a better speller
* Reframing: Change the meaning behind a behavior or situation
* Six-Step Reframe: Change a negative behavior to a positive one
* Parts Integration: Eliminate conflict
* EFT: Eliminate energy blockages
* TIME Techniques – Release negative emotions: Release Negative emotions around an event from the past
* TIME Techniques – Anxiety: Release anxiety about a future event
* TIME Techniques – Limiting Decisions: Release limiting decisions, beliefs, physical issues
* Timeline Adjustment: Switch from dissociated to associated, vise versa
* TIME Techniques – Putting a Goal Into Your Future: Goal setting, future pacing
* TIME Techniques – V/K Dissociation: Phobia
* Clinical Hypnotherapy: For giving suggestions to the subconscious mind and future pacing
* General Pendulum Paradigm: For having a conversation with the subconscious mind
* Deepening Techniques: For making trance deeper
* Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: For getting a client to carry out a behavior at a later time

US Treasury regulation 1.1625 permits an income tax deduction for educational expenses including registration fees, tuition, travel, meals, and lodging for courses taken to improve or maintain skills required in employment or business. 

Always consult with your tax professional.

round out your training in person

In-Person Master Coach Training

The Master Coach in-person training is a core part of your masters level training. After working together weekly on zoom, we come together for a weekend to solidify your learning. We will meet up in Sedona, AZ for our final training and two days of breakthrough gathering. This is where all of your training will come together and you will work with one person for 6-8 hours in one area of their life for a complete transformation.


next in-person master coach event:

November 3–6, 2022 2022
Sedona, AZ

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Master Coach In-Person
Frequently Asked Questions

The live event will be in Sedona AZ, held at an Air bnb.
November 3: 10am – 8pm*

Nov 4, 5, 6: 1pm – 8pm

*lunch provided on day 1

Not included: accommodations and travel to AZ.

*If you can not come to AZ OR for Covid restrictions, there will be a live on zoom option after the live event.

  • Mastering the Conscious Use of Language
    Learn how to use your language purposefully and with precision. Take the patterns learned in NLP Practitioner to the next level, including quantum linguistics, temporal languaging, Prime Concerns and Slight of Mouth —  allowing you to eradicate limiting beliefs, conversationally, as well as negotiating with and persuading people effectively.
  • NLP and Quantum Physics
    Learn how the field of quantum physics has influenced the field of NLP and master techniques based on these fun and incredible learnings.
  • Values
    Discover how to elicit and change values in any area of life. Values are the critical component to coaching, therapy and couples counseling that will set your therapy on fire and help your success rate skyrocket.
  • Meta Programs
    Learn this critical components of the NLP communication model. Meta Programs are the filters that dictate how our experience is deleted, distorted and generalized, and help to make up the basis of personality.
  • Advanced Submodalities
    Including the “Designer Swish”, Compulsion Blowout, Allergy Eliminator and more. We’ll go deeper into submodalities and show you how to create create phenomenal changes with yourself and others.
  • Advanced Strategies
    Learn advanced elicitation techniques and how to design and install new strategies.
  • Modeling
    Learn how to model excellence in others, and then install those behaviors in yourself, usually in just a fraction of the time. This is the root technique of NLP — the same technique the founders of NLP used to develop the entire field.
  • Advanced NLP Patterns You Won’t Find at Any Other Training
    Master the most advanced patterns in NLP, including the Godiva Chocolate Pattern (for creating powerful, positive compulsions), The Disney Pattern (for turning thoughts into things, dreams into reality), The Drunk Pattern (how to feel any alcohol or drug state, without the substance), and the Physiology of Excellence.
  • The NLP Master Coach Model
    Become a Master Success, Life and Business Coach by incorporating all the techniques you’ll learn in this Master Practitioner Training with this advanced model for coaching.
  • Master Hypnosis
    Using three methods of hypnotic induction, including the most powerful method – the Elman method.
  • Produce Hypnotic Phenomena
    Learn to produce all the classic hypnotic phenomena, including automatic movement, arm catalepsy, and full-body catalepsy! By the end of this training, you will successfully suspend a rigid hypnotic subject between two chairs in our live weekend.
  • Rapid Inductions
    We’ll discuss the principles behind rapid induction and show you ways to rapidly hypnotize people – usually in under 60 seconds.
  • Successful Therapy Interventions
    We will discuss a specific, very successful and easy-to-master method of hypnosis that can have you making thousands of dollars per day, helping people to lose weight and quit smoking. These two issues are the biggest money-makers in the hypnosis industry, and our method is virtually fool-proof.
  • The TIME Model of Therapy
    An incredible model of therapy that ties together NLP, TIME Techniques and Hypnosis into an extremely powerful system for transforming people’s lives in an average of six to eight hours. This segment alone is worth the investment of the entire training. Once we’ve completed this segment, you’ll be able to do powerful, transformational, Personal Breakthrough Sessions with your clients to create change in an entire area of life that lasts.
  • TIME Regression
    Learn to do both forensic regression and resource regression.
  • Detailed Personal History
    Fourteen highly powerful questions that dig deep into the unconscious to discover the root causes of any problem your client presents to you.
  • Learn how to Create a Compelling Future
    TIME Techniques™ not only works in the past, but also allows us to definitively put achievable goals into our future with a fun exercise that leave clients ready to tell the world about you.

Yes. We are an approved trainer with two separate boards and can provide the applications to you so that you will be accepted into the board as well.

* Cartesian coordinates: Multidimensional thinking to get out of a problem
* Embedded commands: For giving suggestions in casual conversation
* Advanced Presuppositions: For overcoming a stuck belief
* NLP Negotiation Model: For negotiating agreement between two sides in disagreement
* Meta Model III: Conversational change when the client is stuck in a problem
* Chaining Model Operators: Lead a client from stuck thinking to being open
* Time Scramble: Using a time reframe to overcome a problem
* Decision Destroyer: Undo a past decision so a client can consider possibilities again
* Going Beyond Boundaries: Accessing subconscious resources
* Linguistic ReSourcing: Overcoming a stuck problem
* De-Identification Pattern: When a client has a negative identity (ie, I’m stupid)
* Linguistic Parts Integration: Resolving conflict conversationally (no hands)
* Prime Concerns: Stop pattern of client solving a problem inappropriately (ie, eating because lone* * ly, drinking because sad)
* Values: Determine motivation and to create motivation and eliminate self-sabotage
* Values Levels: Communicate/influence and to help a person evolve using other NLP techniques
* Meta Programs: Communicate with and influence people effectively
* Compulsion Blowout: Eliminate a compulsion, addiction, or obsession
* Allergy Model: Eliminate allergies (such as sneezing)
* Hakalau Technique: Achieving an expanded state of awareness (spiritual connection)
* Superhero Pattern: Install a new, resourceful identity
* Godiva Chocolate Pattern: Create a positive compulsion (to do some behavior)
* Last Straw Pattern: For creating the “straw that broke the camel’s back” feeling to stop a behavior
* Sleight of Mouth: For overcoming stuck thinking, arguments, objections, minor limiting beliefs
* Logical Levels of Therapy: For scrambling a dibilitating strategy (fear, anxiety, sabotage, etc)
* Advanced Strategies: For installing a new strategy in place of a faulty strategy
* TIME Techniques – Drop Down: Eliminate a negative emotion that won’t release after repeated attempts with TIME
* TIME Techniques – Forensic Regression: Recover memories/details from the past
* TIME Techniques – Resource Regression: Get resources from the past self or others the client looks up to from the past
* Pain Paradigm: For releasing chronic pain
* Personal Breakthrough Session: For improving an entire area of life and/or getting to the roots of problems that are deep or show up everywhere
* Analog Pendulum: For stimulating the body (ie., turn up metabolism, increase thyroid, increase energy, decrease hot flashes in menopause)
* Hypnotherapy Dave Elman: For quickly hypnotizing people without progressive relaxation (works very well for “logical” people or people who don’t visualize)
* Rapid Inductions: For show or when hypnotizing repeat clients quickly.

Classes on zoom begin:

June 8,15, 22,29

July 6 OFF

July 13,20,27 Aug 3

August 10th OFF

Aug 17 ,24,31, Sept 7

Sept 14 OFF

Sept 21, 28, Oct 5, 12

October 19 +26 OFF


Classes start at 6pm EST and will be recorded.

Live event  in Sedona AZ, Nov 3, 4, 5, 6

US Treasury regulation 1.1625 permits an income tax deduction for educational expenses including registration fees, tuition, travel, meals, and lodging for courses taken to improve or maintain skills required in employment or business. professional.

Always check with your tax professional.