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Here’s what’s included:

Get everything offered inside Coach

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Get everything offered inside Master Coach

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Get my full Platform to Profit course that will walk you through all avenues as well as a quarterly Bundle Members strategy call.

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This is complete access to all the levels of NLP that are avilable, access to board certification and guidance with your path and marketing as you build your business. It's a no-brainer.

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P2P is two fold: 

You will learn to rock your platform and get more clients to build your business, AND you’ll also learn how you can create a powerhouse mindset where you can push past any roadblocks that you have and start to accomplish things that you never thought were possible.

Inside we’re going to transform the way you think from the inside out while giving you the strategy so that you can accomplish great things.

Inside P2P you’ll learn:

  • A winning Mindset
  • How to get clarity on income
  • Developing your offer and avatar
  • Tools to help you brainstorm and create content
  • Developing your offer
  • Loads of ways to balance your business
  • How to communicate with your client

….and so much more!



Each quarter we’ll talk through strategy, troubleshoot areas of stress and teach you how to launch your first course.

These calls will be live on Zoom The first Friday of every quarter.

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This bundle includes Coach & Master Coach as well as Platform to Profit and quarterly bundle member strategy calls.

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